Our purpose

We define our purpose, as our honest intention to develop the multiple activities, those planned and future ones, always determining our innovative and sustainable vocation, to establish ourselves as a leading tourism and entertainment complex with high cultural values, always integrated into the Sanctuary of Pachacamac and their activities.


The fundamental principles on which we are conceptually based, forming and constituting the main pillars of Fundo Mamacona are:


Assume with responsibility, the value of our traditions, our mores and culture, our gastronomy and our roots.


The development of all our activities under a priority scheme within an essentially cultural framework.


We respect the visitor's presence as a human being, the unconditional preservation of nature, the environment, our traditions and history


As a vision, Fundo Mamacona’s ideal expectation, would be to achieve international significance, making us totally integer. Fundo Mamacona as bonded and totally related to the Sanctuary of Pachacamac, to achieve in a united and harmonic way the attraction of massive tourism, all of which will lead to a significant revaluation and development of the local community.


To create a tourism complement, allowing foreign tourists visiting the Sanctuary of Pachacamac, to be convinced to decide and define their visit to the ruins under our proposal. Allowing them to achieve an integration of all cultural and entertaining activities that fulfills them in total satisfaction. This under a sequence of activities closely related to each other, all linked and under a blanket of subliminal culture, which is our priority route.

Where we come from

We share our journey through time


We are a family business group with 35 years of experience in tourism and entertainment , we have our own facilities and infrastructure , located in the historical and traditional "Fundo Mamacona" , just 20 minutes south of Lima, on a 11 hectares area, under the majestic "Temple of the Sun" from "Sanctuary of Pachacamac"