Peruvian Paso Horse Exhibition

Peruvian Paso Horse Exhibition

This fine exhibition consists on a display of 6 or more, fine Peruvian Paso Horses, correctly assembled and ridden by professionals Chalanes, who make a presentation accompanied by a brass band and folk group of 4 or more Tondero and Marinera dance couples tondero dancing with each other and with the horses.


It is a very cheerful and high aesthetic quality show.


In addition to this, the dance couples, perform different choreographies within the Main Field, typical dances of the mountains [Sierra] such as the Huaylash and typical jungle dances such as the Anaconda. Both are very cheerful, very funny and with the participation of the attendees, as each of the dancers invites those who wish to enjoy themselves in jokes and entertaining situations.

The duration of the entire show is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes and is also an opportunity for those who wish to ride these beautiful horses, with due professional care of the Chalanes.

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Peruvian Paso Horse Exhibition

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